WordPress Updates

Companies of all sizes and types can get hacked and this why Security should always be a priority for a business, a hacked website can lead to a lack of trust towards your business.

To keep your site secure we recommend you keep your site software up to date. Our normal hosting packages include general server maintenance, which keeps most of the site software up to date and secure.

One thing we don’t keep updated is WordPress, This is because themes and plugins don’t usually place nice being updated automatically. Things break, and it may takes months for you to notice.

New releases come out every few months for WordPress. They include new security features, and fixes to known vulnerabilities.

When security holes are found in software such as WordPress, they very quickly get spread to malicious actors. Who then try to attack websites with the known vulnerabilities. Keeping WordPress up to date solves most of these vulnerabilities and also helps your website working as well as it was when it was shipped.

An Example of a hacked website

Update Schedule

We recommend that our clients update their site on a monthly schedule. This may be too often for some of our small clients and because of this, we offer our update on Monthly, Quarterly, Half-Yearly and Yearly update schedules

WordPress updates

We do regular updates to sites that are signed up with this package

Available on different update schedules


  • Updates of WordPress core.
  • Updates of plugins that are compatible with latest version of WordPress.
  • Rollback of updates if functionality of the site is comprised.

Got Any Questions?

Do you update the plugins as well as WordPress
Yes, if there is an update available. If a plugin has been abandoned by the developer, we will recommended a replacement plugin which may require an additional fee.