Our team of experienced Joomla developers have been working with platform for many years, and in truth it is our preferred platform for developing add-ons for Content Management systems.

Amity IT was founded as a development company in 2005 and we have been building custom Joomla themes, plugins, components and modules ever since.

When we launched we compared the content management systems on the market and Joomla had the best code structure for long term maintenance, and things have changed but even today we line it's code structure best out of the major platforms available.

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Our Difference

Our Passion & Experience

We are passionate about our Joomla development, so much so we have built a number of business systems utilising Joomla. We have the experience to build from the ground up, or extend improve and maintain your existing Joomla websites.

Existing Extensions

We have a collection of already built extensions which contain advanced features which we can utilise to kick start your project.

Locally Built and Supported

Nothing beats having a developer you can talk to, you explain what you need, and we can just make it happen. We are proud to be Australian and to provide all our development locally within Australia.

What is a Component, Module, Theme and Plugin?

These are each different mechanisms for extending Joomla.


Joomla component developers are able to control the entire display of the screen, add backend administration features.


Joomla module developers are able to control just a subset of the screen, enabling content from many modules to be displayed on a single page.


Joomla Plugin developers are able to alter the content display to the end user or via search function. This allows for the website administrator to include plugin calls into the content of the website mixed with other content directly maintained within Joomla ‘s CMS.


Joomla theme developers are able to change the overall look of the website headers, footers, fonts and styles, and this theme is applied to all content created. This removes the need to set specific fonts on each document. This provides far easier updating of websites and allows websites to be adjusted easier as end user expectations change.

Our Joomla development services can handle all of these types of extensions and after discussion of your needs we can recommend the correct structure for your needs.

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Got Any Questions?

Can you develop Joomla Themes?
Certainly, we have many years of experience in developing themes, and fixing/updating bought themes which sometimes have issues which need to be resolved. As a custom Joomla theme developer we provide full ongoing support to our customers.
How can we extend Joomla?
Joomla is released as open source software, and they publish standards and guides for how Joomla extended. This enables Joomla application development to be performed to build components, Modules, Themes and Plugins as required.
Do you publish your extensions to the Joomla Extension Directory?
To date all our extensions have been targeted for specific customers business needs, which makes publishing of these extensions unsuitable for general usage from the directory.
What is the difference between a Joomla theme and a Joomla template?
In real terms they are in fact the same thing, so web design and development companies (like us) will use the term theme development and template development but really mean the same thing.
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