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E-Commerce refers to buying and selling of goods or services using the internet. With the ever increasing popularity of online shopping. If you are selling goods or services, you want to be able to sell online.

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An E-commerce solution using woocommerce

Types of Online Stores

An E-commerce solution using woocommerce


Typical shopping site where a business sells a product through there own site and sends it to the consumer either digitally or physically.


Similar to retail, a business sells a product to a customer. The difference is that the product is delivered digitally without the need a physical product, this can be used for selling videos, such as a dance tutorial or a training video. It can be also used for online courses.


Instead of holding stock in its own warehouse, a 3rd party manufacturers and ships the product directly to the consumer without you getting involved.


Service stores can be used for a wide variety of businesses. Even those that are typically not booked through a website. Can be used for completing a task or providing a service. such as a skip bin rental, providing a booking for an accountant or even to book a tradie.

Payment Gateways

Our Recommended Solution

WordPress + WooCommerce

A good solution for people that are okay with managing all your affairs on your website, may require a little of learning. Built on WordPress platform, it supports lots of functionality, and you can use our plugin development service{link to development} to provide any functionality you need.


A simpler solution for a better overall customer experience.

Has a monthly fee and 1.75% + 30c AUD surcharge to each orders, but this includes payment gateway fees, which may work out cheaper. Prices are subject to change and the latest price should be checked on shopify’s website.

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