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We spend all day looking at our phones, why not get your business where people are looking?

57% of internet users surveyed, said they wouldn’t recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile website.

Are you really accessing your full market of customers, improve your odds of getting found with a beautiful and responsive website that works on all platforms and devices and satisfies your key business objectives.

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Example of a site Amity IT has created, Displayed on both a tablet and a phone

We Design

Our inhouse designers can work with you to create a design that matches your brand and business voice.

Haven’t got a brand? That’s okay, we can work with you to give you a look and feel you are happy with.

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We Work With Designers

We regularly work with graphic designers that are a part of your company or with external graphics designers as a white label service.

Web Development

How do i change my content?

All our websites are built using a “Content Management System” or CMS. CMS are a type of software that helps users create, manage and modify website content without the need for technical skills or to pay a developer like us to make the changes. Such as changing your business hours or updating a Phone Number.

There are a large amount of CMS’s available on the web today, 2 of the most popular are WordPress and Joomla. Both are built on PHP, a popular backend programming language. They are also both open source and large community behind them. To provide excellent support and extend the base functionality with a near endless supply of plugins.

Open Source simply means software that is provided alongside its source code along with the rights to modify, extend and distribute the software.

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What CMS do we use?

We use primarily use both WordPress and Joomla for our sites, and we would recommend to clients looking for a new site to use one of these options. The exact choice depends on the client and their needs.

We also have experience with other CMS’s and can work with your existing sites software if it doesn’t use WordPress or Joomla. You can read more about that here {link to web Development page}

If you would like to learn more about WordPress or Joomla, feel free to click the links below.

Types of Sites

Different Businesses have different requirements for a site, we can accommodate sites for a whole range:





Hosting and Domains


We provide our hosting with a number of upstream providers to provide a reliable service to suit business needs and budgets. From a low monthly cost payable monthly or yearly.

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We can take care of all domains registrations including hosting your existing domain and can set you up with cloud based email solutions.

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Unsure how your current site stacks up against the competition? Get a free SEO review of your current site.

Got Any Questions?

What is SSL? Do i need it?
SSL stands for “Secure Socket Layer” and is a form of security to keep personal data encrypted and secure when being transferred over the web. Privacy is always a priority at Amity IT, and we always recommend clients have an SSL Certificate installed and active on your site. SSL is recommended by all the big players on the web including Google and the W3 consortium. As a bonus, Google even gives your website a better rank on their search index.
How do i get SSL?
Amity IT provides all our sites hosted on our servers a free SSL certificate that is automatically renewed regularly. If you are using your own host, Please contact your hosting provider.
How much does a site cost
Website prices can range from a couple thousand dollars to easily over $10000, its highly dependent on the required functionality. A small couple page website will range between $2000 and $5000, while larger sites can cost much more than that. Give us a call or fill in the form below and we can get back to you with more accurate price.
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