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Professional Developers for your Website or Agency.

We have a team of experienced web developers across a wide range of development platforms and technologies and can provide a full range of services, web development, implementation and ongoing Maintenance.

We offer our development services to business directly and as a white label service for other digital agencies who do not have their own technical staff, or just need some assistance with special project.

Got an existing website which your having trouble with. We can help, we often provide our development to businesses who have lost touch with their developers (often from offshore developed projects). We are happy to assist you to recover your website, fix the issues and get the site working the way it should.

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Development at Amity IT

Range of Experience

Our staff have lots of experience, in a range of technologies dating back to 1997 to modern techniques.

Latest Technologies

We utilise the latest technologies, and develop using accepted industry best practices.

Local Support

Nothing beats having a developer you can talk to, you explain what you need, and we can just make it happen.


Amity IT has experience in a range of different technologies, including but not limited to:


Install and configure WordPress, create custom WordPress plugins, custom WordPress themes. Need something special, we can do that too call us to discuss your project.


We commonly develop Joomla components, Joomla plugins, Joomla modules and Joomla themes.


We can help with your php needs and are familiar with loads of php based frameworks and have worked with many customers on their custom project to extend and provide additional features.


We can provide assistance with MySQL/MariaDB, creating custom extracts and performing data conversions and custom reporting.


We are HTML specialists and can review raw HTML or the original source (php etc) to adjust and resolve your issues.


Need to adjust the styling of your site, we can handle the CSS Styling for you.


Getting JavaScript errors, and need an expert to debug and resolve your issues.

Ajax and jQuery

Want to implement Ajax requests to improve page speed, or create dynamic content. We can assist.


Our team includes specialist in Microsoft .Net platform so we can extend and support you ASP.Net applications.

SQL Server

We can provide assistance with SQL Server creating custom extracts and performing data conversions and creating reporting suites.

Latest in SEO Tactics

We commonly implementing SEO improvements for clients and agencies to need that extra support in improving their ranking. We have a full suite of analysis tools and can provide a free SEO recommendation report.


A multilingual website is a site that is available in more than one language. We have built multilingual sites for many different platforms.


Responsive websites are sites that work and look great on a range of different screen sizes. Ranging from mobile devices to ultra-wide monitors.

Website Recovery

Have you got an existing website? Maybe the original developer moved on and you need someone to manage it. Or have your needs outgrown there skill level. Amity IT can help you recover your website and restore it to a working state.

FREE Website Review

Unsure how your current site stacks up against the competition? Get a free website review of your current site.

Got Any Questions?

How much will it cost?
It's best if we look before providing costs, however we are happy to discuss your needs, review where you are and what you need free of charge.
How long will it take?
Depending on your needs we may be able to fix today, once we discuss the details we can give you a better indication.
What programming languages can you handle?
We most commonly develop using a server-side LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, Php) Full Stack however we are also experienced in front end development using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and more. We also develop using Microsoft technologies .net and SQL Server We use Adobe Creative suite, specifically XD for our user experience and website designs. This lets us easily publish the user interface so that you can review and see just how it will function.
Are you experienced in WordPress?
Yes, we have years of experience working with WordPress to create themes and develop plugins. We are also familiar with a whole range of WordPress plugins which are available off the shelf. We generally recommend WordPress as a website content management system CMS, because of the content editors it saves business owners and end users from needing to learn html.
Are you experience in Joomla?
Yes, we prefer Joomla for developing web apps and web pages which need to interface to back end systems because of it is MVC structure and it is open source. For those who aren't nerds - the way the code is created and stored.
What should I look for in a web Developer?
We think the first thing is someone you can easily talk to, understand and feel comfortable with. Your developer should be familiar with search engines like google and what it takes to get your website to rank well.
Enough About Us, Lets discuss your project

We would love to discuss your project in more detail, and we offer an obligation free consultation. Enter your details below so we can contact you and arrange the consultation."