Offsite Backup

From banks and insurance firms to pharmaceutical companies and internet startups, never in history have businesses been as dependent on electronic data. Each day, enormous quantities of digital data are generated in the form of documents, images, video and music content. If for any reason such data is no longer available, many organizations would see a disruption of operations from which they may never recover.

It takes just one flood, fire or server crash for critical business information to be lost forever.

We provide top notch but affordable online back service that spans the full range of offsite data protection options. Even though the backup takes place online, you retain full control of when and where your data is stored. The entire process is quick and easy to follow. Servers are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with extensive use of sophisticated tools that ensure full visibility any time a data restoration or a status snapshot is required.

As the vulnerability of onsite backups has unravelled over the last fifteen years or so, the number of firms providing online offsite storage has increased exponentially. But not all such firms will deliver the same service standards. For something as critical as the protection of your organization’s most important data, compromising quality should never be an option.

Our service stands out from the competition for several reasons:

- We use a tried and tested online backup software relied on by several organizations and individuals in Australia. We are more than willing to avail references from past clients.

- We acknowledge that backup, cloud and storage technology is constantly evolving. That is why our systems are regularly updated to keep abreast with current best practice.

- Unlike online but manual solutions, our systems are fully automated. You need never worry about missing a backup cycle simply because you forgot to run it one day.

- Low network overhead – Cyber Secure does not relay your entire data during each backup. Only changes. That means no disruption to operations due to the heavy network use characteristic of other online backup systems.

- 256-bit military-grade data encryption – Even in the unlikely event anyone were to intercept the data during transmission, such strong encryption ensures they would be unable to make anything of it.

Backing up your most important enterprise data to an external drive onsite is no longer enough. As some businesses have painfully learnt, the same risks that threaten data on your production systems may very well destroy your onsite backups (e.g. in the case of a flood or fire). An offsite online backup ensures that not only is a copy of your vital electronic information available but also makes certain that such backups will not be destroyed by incidents that affect your premises.


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