Domain names

In the first decade of the internet, heated argument over whether every organization needed a website was fairly commonplace. Not anymore. Now even the last remaining skeptics are caught up in a mad dash to secure their piece of virtual real estate by registering a suitable domain name. AmityIT is one of Australia’s leading one-stop domain registration service providers for all major local and global top level domains.

But we go beyond registration. Our service offering encompasses domain name management, parking and reselling as well as website hosting, design, marketing and search engine optimization. We have deliberately structured our product and processes in such a way that even the smallest and least sophisticated business can come up with a dynamic, world class portal relatively easily. The registration process is fast, easy to follow and is supported by a 24-7 customer support line.

No technical knowledge is required for you to register a domain name. However, there are number of important tips that you want to take into account:

  • · Only alphanumeric characters and hyphens are allowed
  • · No spaces permitted
  • · Watch out for spelling errors
  • · The shortest a domain name can be is 3 characters (excluding the top level domain extension i.e. .com, .net etc). The longest is 63 characters. As a general rule, the shorter your domain is the better. Imagine your customer trying to recall or key in
  • · Domains are not case sensitive – is the same as
  • · Choose a domain name that resonates with your business. Keep it professional too as your domain name is your website’s ‘first-first’ impression.
  • · Have at least 3 alternatives just in case your preferred domain name is already taken. You need only a little creativity and you will find something that can serve the same purpose as your first choice.
  • · As a follow up on the earlier point, register all ke
  • ·Only alphanumeric characters and hyphens are allowed
  • y versions of your name on all major top level domains then redirect to your main domain name. Just imagine the agony for Google Inc if and were in the hands of a competitor.
  • · Steer clear of names that are already trademarked by other organizations. Cyber squatting was once a lucrative undertaking but is now characterized by costly legal process that you would rather not get caught up in - deliberately or accidentally.


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